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The importance of local environment

RAMARSAN SL is located in Tomelloso, La Mancha. The vineyards are very characteristic of this place. With the end of the grape harvest, the production of puff pastry begins.

Raw material selection

We rely on reliable suppliers in the area, so we keep our link with the land and with the know-how of La Mancha that characterizes us.

Artisanal production

Family tradition for 50 years. Rafael Martinez Sanchez (RAMARSAN) taught his descendants the care and affection in the elaboration of his products. He knew how to transmit the effort of the daily work to produce the first quality products that we still enjoy today.

homemade sweets

We elaborate and pack our products carefully, so that they reach our customers’ homes in perfect condition and they can enjoy them as if they were freshly made, without losing their sweetness and texture.

Original flavors from La Mancha

Our mission is to sweeten every home with typical products from La Mancha, elaborated in an artisan way and under local recipes, making the whole family enjoy an exceptional snack.

We work so that the tradition, craftsmanship and know-how of La Mancha reach each consumer through our products, which we try to adapt to new styles and consumer habits without losing the traditional and classic way of proceeding that has always characterized us.